Why look! It's 2010!

2010 already.  Wow.

Not much to say, really.

I've not been big on posting here on LJ lately.  Never been much of a blogger.

I hope all my LJ friends have a great 2010.  Even you.  Yeah, you know who you are, and if you don't then you need to look at your ID again!
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Closing is complete!

A few years back, we were in bad financial shape. It was bad enough that we were about to lose the house and could not come to terms with our lender. I had spent the previous few years unemployed or in short-term jobs, causing us to fall behind on too many bills.
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Life is a shit sandwich...

...and we're all out of bread.

We have been renting our house with an option to buy for the last three years. We've been all paid up and everything seemed to be going fine until we get home last Friday night to get a message that the owners have decided to sell it out from under us.

This money we've been paying in rent was supposed to go to pay down the mortgage. We have no idea where it's really been going for the last year or so because the house is in foreclosure and we need to either buy it or move out.

Nice message to get on a Friday evening, when everything's going to be closed for the weekend, hmm? The owners gave us the number for their lawyer and realtor, but we had to wait until Monday to get any information from either of them. The realtor has lied to us about several things so far, and the attorney won't return our calls.

What a great week it's been!


"It's been a long December and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last"

-Counting Crows

We'll see.

Many changes this year.

Tara got a full-time teaching job.
Alyssa became a teenager.
I decided that the management track at work is a sucker's game and went back to being more technical.
The basement flooded three times.
We finally went to Disney World as a family.
I redid my office.
The stupidity of Reaganomics finally came home to roost and crashed our economy.
Our "beloved" Governor tried to sell a Senate seat and got caught at it.
The first non-white man was elected President of the United States.
Dick Cheney confessed to advocating torture.

Let's hope some good starts happening this year.