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Leo Apotheker can go eat a bag of dicks.  The HP Touchpad, running the best mobile OS around, has been cancelled after less than 50 days.  HP is discontinuing all WebOS hardware development.

Well, HP, Fuck you.  Fuck your business plan.  Fuck your total lack of customer service.  Fuck your lack of foresight. 

I hope that HTC or Samsung starts making WebOS devices.  I hope the crappy IOS and unwieldy Android OS both wind up on the ash heap of history.

So the great tablet I was so happy to get is discontinued.  The device I dreamed of ever since I saw WebOS on the Palm Pre.

Now what?  There will certainly be a total lack of support for this thing now.  Developers are going to run from the platform in droves.  Bugs will go unrepaired.  A QUARTER MILLION of these things are left in Best Buy's inventory because of shitty marketing, lackluster hardware, and the release of what was in essence a beta product before it was truly ready.

Will HP try to fix this?  No.  Instead they will declare the whole thing a failure and drop out of an expanding market.  They will give in to the second-rate IOS and Android.  Damn, they're even being outlived by the pathetically obsolete Blackberry.

Now what do I do with this Touchpad?
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