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Ok, I've been using the MicroLimp Sidewinder X8 mouse for a week now and I really like it.  It's fairly comfortable, very precise, has customizable gliding surfaces (feet), is either corded or cordless, and can even track on glass.

Best of all, it doesn't suffer from my old Logitech G7's double-click problem.  The G7's left button had been double-clicking on single clicks for a while now.  It's a known issue and seems to be why that model's been discontinued.

The X8 has a USB cable that charges the mouse as well as acting as its connection to the computer.  This cord attached magnetically to the mouse so it doesn't need to go in a socket with sliding connectors that can be broken.  It also comes off without damaging anything if the mouse somehow gets moved too far.

Now I'm not usually much of a MicroSoft supporter, but this is a fine piece of hardware.
Tags: mouse
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