borgknight (borgknight) wrote,

Of roaches, repairs, and the threat of violence

Very busy weekend.

Tara's childhood home was always kind of cluttered, but it was NEVER this bad when her mom was alive. It's a damned horror show with Kenny and his gluttonous selfish bride of the damned living there. Roaches everywhere in the kitchen. Turn on the light and they don't even scatter; they just wander around, climbing on the dishes, the appliances, the food.... UGH.

The whole place smells like piss. Upstairs in the room Kenny and Rachel share, I found a Taco Bell cup filled with piss. She's too lazy to get off her huge ass and go downstairs to the bathroom. There are lots of Taco Bell cups up there. She likes to go out at midnight to eat more of the stuff. I guess she needs to eat quite a bit to maintain that Huttese figure.

Tara's dad is slowly getting better, but it's a long struggle for him. The hip surgery and infection was quite a drain on his body's resources and the terrible care he gets from his son is not helping matters. They went away for the weekend and didn't think to tell anyone until Tuesday! Four days of notice that his bedridden father would be alone, with nobody to get him food or anything else. Real nice, Kenny-boy. I guess he's forgotten the last couple of times we locked up and I bounced his sorry ass off a wall or two.

So Tara and I spent four hours over there on Saturday, bringing him his dinner, making sure he took his medicine, and spraying the kitchen with roach spray. That's what I love doing, spraying poison over every kitchen surface and under the counters. Not that it helped a whole lot. When we picked him up to take him to the pumpkin farm on Sunday, the roaches were still there, still wandering over everything.

Saturday night I worked on a zombie decoration that seemed to have a bad motion sensor.  It works now, but it needs more light to work than is really convenient for a Halloween decoration.  Last night I spent fixing Tara's laptop, because the power socket on the system board had cracked the solder weld again.  They really need to design these things so that a the plug isn't nearly so susceptible to pressure.
Tags: repairs, roaches, tara's family
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