borgknight (borgknight) wrote,

Life is a shit sandwich...

...and we're all out of bread.

We have been renting our house with an option to buy for the last three years. We've been all paid up and everything seemed to be going fine until we get home last Friday night to get a message that the owners have decided to sell it out from under us.

This money we've been paying in rent was supposed to go to pay down the mortgage. We have no idea where it's really been going for the last year or so because the house is in foreclosure and we need to either buy it or move out.

Nice message to get on a Friday evening, when everything's going to be closed for the weekend, hmm? The owners gave us the number for their lawyer and realtor, but we had to wait until Monday to get any information from either of them. The realtor has lied to us about several things so far, and the attorney won't return our calls.

What a great week it's been!
Tags: foreclosure, house
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