Leo Apotheker can go eat a bag of dicks.  The HP Touchpad, running the best mobile OS around, has been cancelled after less than 50 days.  HP is discontinuing all WebOS hardware development.

Well, HP, Fuck you.  Fuck your business plan.  Fuck your total lack of customer service.  Fuck your lack of foresight. 

I hope that HTC or Samsung starts making WebOS devices.  I hope the crappy IOS and unwieldy Android OS both wind up on the ash heap of history.

So the great tablet I was so happy to get is discontinued.  The device I dreamed of ever since I saw WebOS on the Palm Pre.

Now what?  There will certainly be a total lack of support for this thing now.  Developers are going to run from the platform in droves.  Bugs will go unrepaired.  A QUARTER MILLION of these things are left in Best Buy's inventory because of shitty marketing, lackluster hardware, and the release of what was in essence a beta product before it was truly ready.

Will HP try to fix this?  No.  Instead they will declare the whole thing a failure and drop out of an expanding market.  They will give in to the second-rate IOS and Android.  Damn, they're even being outlived by the pathetically obsolete Blackberry.

Now what do I do with this Touchpad?

Nerf Stampede

Nerf Stampede:  Stupid name, great Nerf gun!

Lighter than the Vulcan, it uses 18-round clips instead of the 25-round belt.  However, swapping clips is immediate, which was a failing on the Vulcan's part.

It certainly livened up Ryan's Monopoly game when I started hosing him down with darts!

Its resemblance to the M-41 from Aliens doesn't hurt, either.
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Ok, I've been using the MicroLimp Sidewinder X8 mouse for a week now and I really like it.  It's fairly comfortable, very precise, has customizable gliding surfaces (feet), is either corded or cordless, and can even track on glass.

Best of all, it doesn't suffer from my old Logitech G7's double-click problem.  The G7's left button had been double-clicking on single clicks for a while now.  It's a known issue and seems to be why that model's been discontinued.

The X8 has a USB cable that charges the mouse as well as acting as its connection to the computer.  This cord attached magnetically to the mouse so it doesn't need to go in a socket with sliding connectors that can be broken.  It also comes off without damaging anything if the mouse somehow gets moved too far.

Now I'm not usually much of a MicroSoft supporter, but this is a fine piece of hardware.

Palm Pre, I just can't win....

Less than 24 hours and the mic is dead and the button that lets me switch between application cards no longer works.

This is not cool.

I am on hold with Sprint now, trying to warranty replace my warranty replacement phone.
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Palm Pre, redux

The new Pre arrived today.  It seems to work well and lacks the three dead pixels (not you, Pixel!) the other one's screen had.

It did not take long for me to install the tweaks and apps I had before.

The tasks list was restored intact.

The little door for the USB connection does not work as well.

The little button at the bottom of the screen is silver instead of white.

I wiped out the old pre using webOSDoctor.  Data gone.  Data all gone.  Good thing I found out how to get the old pre into USB drive mode using only the keyboard.

I look forward to having it with me at all times again.  I felt almost lost without it!

And so we say goodbye to our Palm Pre

Tonight my Palm Pre fell victim to the weak point on the screen that has caused cracks in so many of its siblings.

Fortunately the tech support guy at Sprint knew that this issue exists and has warranty replaced the phone.  I hope to have the new one on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, there is no known way to access the memory of the device without the touch screen working so I cannot retrieve my photos.  I am going to call Palm support tomorrow to see if there is any way to access the device's memory without using the touchscreen to activate the USB storage mode.

Now what the hell do I do without my phone?  I use it for damned near everything these days!

Update - There is a key combination that will put the phone into USB storage mode.  I found it through Palm's tech support chat and it works perfectly.  All my pictures, ringtones, books, etc, are now recovered.

23 powerless hours

At about 3:30 yesterday afternoon a storm hits home and the power goes out.

We had, of course, just done a ton of grocery shopping the previous evening.

Fortunately ComEd didn't take nearly as long top get our power back as they did last time and it seems that our food did not completely defrost.  Some of the ice cream in the chest freezer got soft, but everything else seems fine.

Note about the Palm Pre: It is not a good phone for these situations.  The battery life sucks.  I charged it from a power inverter in my car once and again from the laptop USB port.